Employment Agreements

Written employment agreements are meant to spell out the rights and obligations of the parties to an employment relationship and what happens when that relationship inevitably ends. While many white-collar professionals and executives sign employment agreements without reviewing them with a lawyer – and many business leaders use standard employment forms in the workplace – doing so can fail to protect the interests of both parties.

A well-drafted agreement at the beginning of the employment relationship can often prevent the expensive, time-consuming legal problems and claims that can arise from the termination of that relationship. Mike Minenko of Minenko Law, LLC represents both employees and employers in the review, negotiation, and drafting of written employment agreements.

Severance Agreements

Employers often offer severance agreements to their departing employees, not only to provide the employee with some financial assistance during the employee’s transition to a new job, but also to prevent the employee from claiming the employment termination decision was somehow illegal. For a severance agreement to fully protect the employer, strict legal requirements must be met. Mike Minenko of Minenko Law, LLC helps employers draft severance agreements that stand up to legal scrutiny, so that the employer need not worry about having to defend against a claim of wrongful termination.

Mike also represents employees who have been given severance agreements by their employers. Mike helps his employee client fully understand what the employee is obligated to do in exchange for the severance pay and benefits being offered. And in some cases, Mike is able to negotiate a more generous severance package by persuading the employer that its employment termination decision may be challenged under the applicable employment laws and be the basis of wrongful termination claim.

If you would like to learn more about how Minenko Law, LLC can help you draft, analyze, and negotiate your severance agreement or your employment agreement, please call or email Mike Minenko for a free, confidential phone consultation.