Bloomington Noncompete Agreement Lawyer

Noncompete agreements are designed to protect employers against unfair competition by their former employees and the competing businesses that hire these employees. An employee who signs a noncompete agreement – also known as a restrictive covenant or covenant not to compete – promises not to engage in certain competitive activities both during and after termination of employment.

For a noncompete agreement to be enforceable, strict legal requirements must be met. Mike Minenko of Minenko Law, LLC helps employers draft noncompete agreements that meet these requirements and he represents employers in lawsuits to enforce non-compete agreements against their former employees who are taking, or threatening to take, customers and confidential information.

Mike also represents employees who have signed noncompete agreements, advising them about possible defenses to enforcement of the work restrictions in these agreements. Often, defenses exist that could significantly narrow these work restrictions or even totally invalidate the noncompete agreement. Employees who have signed noncompete agreements and who are presented with new employment opportunities seek Mike’s counsel in determining whether the noncompete agreement stands in the way of accepting the new opportunity. Employees who are sued by their former employers for alleged violations of a noncompete agreement benefit from Mike’s years of experience in defending against such claims.

To learn more about how a noncompete agreement affects your employment relationship with an employer or an employee, please call or email Mike Minenko for an initial free, confidential phone consultation.